I would not be in the financial position today if not for John. I do nothing pertaining to business without consulting with him.

Jeffrey A. Bellisario DDS

Jeffrey A. Bellisario DDS, PC

I have known John P. Cataldo, Jr. CPA approximately 25 years and have been satisfied with his accounting work over these many years.  He has done both my practice work as well as my personal accounting needs.  For quite some time now he has been doing the accounting work for many of our local dentists.  He has developed a niche practice for dentists and dentistry.  He understands the percentages and the correct overhead to run a successful practice.  He knows how to evaluate a practice correctly for either a buyer or seller.

Richard R. Cavanaugh, DDS

Doylestown Dental Services, Inc.

John and I have been together since 1989.  He has helped me start my own dental practice, transition to a new building and group dental practice with my brother, guided me through a new partner buy-in, and all that comes in between.  I couldn’t imagine doing without his guidance and assistance!  He has a unique insight to the needs of Dentists and is a great asset to a Dental practice.  I can’t recommend him enough.

James J. Howley, DMD

Howley-Basara Family Dentistry, Inc.

We have had the pleasure of having John as our accountant for three years and have been very happy with him.  He is very accommodating and is willing to meet with us outside his usual office hours.  He also explains our finances very clearly which makes us feel comfortable with his accounting skills.  We recommend John very highly and look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Drs. J. Hornick & H. Tarshis, DMD

Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, LLC

One of the more overlooked aspects of a well-managed dental practice is the role of your accountant. I can tell my colleagues unequivocally that the Cataldo organization is by far the most dialed in to what every practice, large or small needs to maximize profitability and efficiency. East Coast and national dentists as well would be committing a huge mistake to not check them out.  Just make a consult appointment and compare for yourself their services to what you are presently receiving.

Trust me, you’ll be blown away. They are the gold standard for accounting and consulting in your office.

Steven L. Rasner DMD MAGD PC

I floundered around for a year looking for the right accountant/consultant.  Thank god I found John Cataldo.  I’m building a new practice and he has made my life and this hectic transition way easier. His advice and guidance is helping me boost to the next level.

Beth Skovron DDS

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